Alina is wonderful, the best therapist I've never met. She's very professional, knowledgable, friendly and so caring. She's explains everything that is going to happen during the massage what makes you feel relaxed. I highly recommend her massages to anyone. I have had many treatments and definitely she's the best one. Can't wait to book another session with her!
"the best therapist I've never met"
immediately after my treatment, I could already see results. this is not your usual spa facial, it's more like a deep tissue massage on your face. it did hurt a bit and I still feel some tenderness a couple of days later but the lines near my mouth visibly improved and all without gadgets or fancy creams, just Alina's techniques.
"lines near my mouth visibly improved"
Excellent professional service. Colleagues complimented me on my face a few days after the treatment
"complimented me on my face"
this massage literally needs before and after photo as your skin looks so much smoother and tighter after! Alina is amazing.
"literally needs before and after photo"
I hate to sound cliche, but the treatment I received from Alina was life changing. I've struggled with my jaw and grinding my teeth for two years. Doctors and dentist both offer very limited support. This massage helped me understand the issue on a physical level and immediately released the tension in my head/jaw so that I could remember what it FEELS like not to be tense. I'd forgotten! Lucky to have found this before going ahead with Botox.
"immediately released the tension in my head/jaw"
Hadn't tried Facialgym before, but it is amazing and the therapist, Alina, was incredible. If you are looking for a relaxing facial massage, this is not for you. If you are looking to take years off your facial age - this is definitely for you! Quite painful at times but the results are really amazing and I am looking forward to a second visit to learn some of the techniques to apply myself. Goodbye double chin, hello longer neck and a more chiselled face!
"the therapist, Alina, was incredible"
Alina is amazing.... my face.... I didn't even know it could be this relaxed! she also explained everything to me patiently and I really appreciate that!! will definitely be back
"I didn't even know face could be this relaxed!"
Alina is really professional and informative, she made me feel relaxed and took time out to answer my questions. I have had many face treatments in the past and she is definitely one of the best!
"definitely one of the best!"
It was great as always I find the treatment very professional and each time it surprises me how much the contour of my face changes after the visit.
"the contour of my face changes after the visit"
It was a great treatment, you can definitely see the results straight away and the lines look much less noticeable straight away and the effect lasts
"lines look much less noticeable straight away"
Such an amazing treatment! There are different types of massages you can do based on your preferences or problem areas; the lymphatic massage feels very relaxing whereas the sculpting massage can be uncomfortable at times. However, Alina constantly checks in with you to see how it's feeling and can adjust pressure accordingly. Furthermore, it may be uncomfortable but it is incredibly effective and I can already see a difference in my face! It looks more symmetrical since fluids have drained out and my face appears more full and youthful. Definitely going to go back!
"looks more symmetrical"
This was a different style of facial, it was literally a massage of your face. I never considered my face muscles were so tense. It hurt in certain areas but the relief and relaxation afterwards was amazing. She taught me a few tips to reduce wrinkles and a avoid a double chin which is a must for us women!! I recommend that every woman should try this at least once! I'm definitely going back. Thank you!
"relief and relaxation afterwards was amazing"
I cannot put into words how effective this massage is. My face always looks more plump, youthful, and symmetrical afterward and the effects last a long time as circulation improves. Alina is amazing and I can't say enough positive things about her!
"effects last a long time"
Alina is excellent. She really knows her stuff and works hard to get your face in great shape. No faffing about with masks and products, just an amazing massage that will take years off you. She's a lovely, friendly girl and I cannot recommend her enough. I'm going back as often as I can!
"will take years off you"
Couldn't believe the effect on the fine lines on my forehead.
The deep winkle was gone after one session, the facial massage was like a manual Botox.
"manual Botox"
Not your usual facial - works purely by stimulating facial muscles and tissues. I received loads of compliments on my complexion the following day!
"loads of compliments"
Amazing practical workshop. Alina is lovely, has a wealth of knowledge. Very patient. Looking forward to the next workshop!
Workshop "Slim and lifted Face- EVERY morning"
I loved the way Alina teaches us. She is so loveable and explained the techniques until we all understood and could do them. I am excited not only to use this new learning to improve my looks and wellbeing, but meeting other lovely people along the way :)
Thank you Alina xxx
Workshop "Slim and lifted Face- EVERY morning"
Hi Alina. It was a wonderful session full of useful information. I like the way you go straight to the heart of the matter. You are very good. Looking forward to working with you again xxx
Workshop "Double chin and neck lines-Good bye!"
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