Nano treatment: heals & straightens hair
The healthiest hair straightening technique:
* Makes hair look very healthy and lively, silky to touch (even strangers could not keep quiet);
* Ready to go 24/7: no need in masks, flat irons or other hair treatments, just wash and go, looks perfect every day;
* Effect lasts for ~6 months (depends on the current state of your hair);
* Repair: penetrates into the hair and heals, restores, moisturises it from within;
* Prevents breakage and split ends; thus, allows to regrow the desired length;
* Protection: acts as a shield against: hot Sun, chlorine in the pool, sea salt, dyes, hair dryer/straightener, styling products;
* Does NOT contain formaldehyde unlike Brazilian Blow dry and "Keratin" straightening (therefore there is no strong smell and toxic fumes produced, thus no eye watering and coughing);
* Safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women;
* Has a very strong cumulative effect, so hair becomes stronger and healthier with each time;
* If you always wanted a fringe or hair extensions- Nano will keep your hair in the "desired shape" for a long time;
* If you had "Keratin" straightening before, this is a completely different treatment (more effective, safe, long lasting; has no contraindications or side-effects, etc.).

* Straightens better than "Keratin" (even afro hair becomes silky smooth);
* Gives a LOT of shine;
* Hair becomes thick and strong, smooth, silky and manageable;
* Hair can be washed immediately (no need to wait for 3 days);
* Does not reduce hair volume;
* Even if you decide to stop having treatments, hair wont get any worse than they were before (unlike after other "Keratin" straightening treatments which make hair more dry and brittle).
How often to repeat Nano treatments?
There are 2 options:
1. Beautiful hair for a Special occasion;
2. Beautiful hair every day and forever.

1. SPECIAL EVENT (birthday, graduation, wedding, holiday).
One treatment will make your hair beautiful, silky and straight for 2-4-6 months. As soon as the product slowly washes off, the effect will gradually fade.

2. Silky, pretty hair EVERY day FOREVER.
If you want your hair to be always healthy, straight and shiny + regrow the length, we will need to follow a special Plan.

Unfortunately, 1 treatment is just playing around.. Just remember: for how many years you have been killing your hair with dyeing, styling, straightening? It impossible to reverse it all and completely restore the hair with just 1 treatment.

When should your 2nd treatment be (in order to achieve the cumulative effect)?
It depends on the condition of your hair (the worse, the sooner). Very damaged hair should be treated in 4 weeks. Others could come in 2-3 months.
(!) It should be always done BEFORE the effect from the previous treatment washed off.

Due to a very strong cumulative effect, you will need to repeat them less and less often.
As a result, just 2 treatments per year will be enough to maintain hair in a perfect condition (for example, before the New Year and your birthday / vacation / anniversary, etc.).

If maintenance treatments are done on time:
* hair "eats" less product;
* thus, treatments cost less;
* the result stays for longer;
* maintenance treatments become less frequent.

If maintenance treatments are not done on time at the initial stage:
* the result will always be the same, not better, since no cumulative effect is achieved;
* hair will always "eat" a lot of the product, because each treatment is just like the first one;
* the length wont regrow as good as it would with regular treatments.

So, are we going to have beautiful hair for just ~3 months or work for a permanent result?

"Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off"
Nano VS Botox
* Both not only make your hair LOOK healthy and super shiny, they actually MAKE hair healthier (the most common compliment you will hear: "Your hair looks really healthy!!!");
* Both do NOT contain formaldehyde and are SAFE for pregnant and breastfeeding women;
* After both you can wash your hair straight away, no need to wait for 3 days and avoid tying your hair;
* If you decide to stop having treatments your hair will NOT become worse than it was before (unlike after Keratin treatments).

N: makes hair completely straight (even afro hair);
B: keeps your curls, just makes hair healthier and shinier.

N: effect lasts for 4-6+ months;
B: effect lasts for 1-3 months.

N: has a strong cumulative effect (you will need to repeat treatments less and less often);
B: for hair to look their best treatment should be repeated regularly (once per 1-2 months on average).

"You hair is your best accessory"
Difference between Nano and other straightening treatments
Other: not allowed for pregnant and breastfeeding women as it contains formaldehyde;
Nano: safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women (has no formaldehyde);

O: no cumulative effect, washes off in 2-4 months;
N: has a strong cumulative effect, thus should be done less and less often over time (for example, starting at 1 treatment per 2 months, then once per 4 months and then just twice a year).

O: require you to wait for 3 days until you can wash or even wet your hair + requires to avoid any hair accessories or even put it behind ears, otherwise it may leave hair not straight.
N: you can wash, tie or do anything else with your hair straight after the treatment.

O: after the treatment your hair looks extremely shiny, silky and straight, all that is due to the product being still in the hair (has to be left for 3 days). As soon as the product is washed off, hair lose this extraordinary shine. So don't get caught on it, it wont look the same as on Before & After pictures and videos in the Internet.
N: the product is washed off your hair in the salon, so the result you see at the end is exactly what you are going to have when you leave the salon.

O: once the gradually washes off hair (2-4 months), hair becomes more dry, brittle and lifeless than before;
N: if you decide not to repeat treatments, it will slowly wash off your hair in approximately 6 months, leaving your hair the same as they used to be, never worse.

O: during the treatment formaldehyde produces a lot of fumes with a very strong smell which
should not be inhaled and be in contact with eyes (this is why some therapists wear masks to avoid coughing, eyes watering and other health consequences).
N: completely safe, even for kids.

"Hair. Because personality is not the first thing people see"
We would NEVER use "Keratin" because:
We would NEVER use "Keratin" (hair straightening techniques with formaldehyde) for work or our own hair, because:
* health consequences: toxic fumes produced during the treatment have a very strong smell and should not be inhaled and be in contact with eyes and skin; breathing it in on a daily basis would have a very negative effect on our health (this is why some therapists wear masks);
* uncomfortable: coughing and eye watering during the treatment;
* contraindicated: for pregnant and breastfeeding women;
* slowly "kills" hair: makes hair more and more weak, until you find them dry, brittle and lifeless (based on our own experience);
* discomfort: necessity to avoid water and any hair accessories for 3 days;
* short term effect: for best results should be repeated every 2-3 months.
* disappointing: in real life does not look the same as in "before & after" pictures (because in photos they still have the product in the hair).

Why use an outdated technology with undesirable side effects?
Money! :)

1. More profitable: "Keratin" kit is 2-3 times cheaper than Nano kit, BUT treatment pricing is same, thus, for the same investment we could earn 2-3 times more;
2. More transactions: "Keratin" does not have cumulative effect as Nano, so it has to be repeated every 2-3 months instead of 2 per year;
3. Pricing is set: you always pay the same, unlike with Nano where price depends on how much product your hair "eats": the healthier it becomes, the less product it needs, the less you pay.

But in order to:
1) have healthy respiratory system, eyes and skin;
2) achieve truly healthy, completely restored Hair;
we chose Nano (the most natural and long lasting hair straightening treatment).

"Good hair speaks louder than words"
Market is full of various blow dry Keratin hair straightening treatments (Brazilian, American, Japanese), most popular brands are Inoar, Cocochoco (the cheapest and "unhealthiest"), Honma Tokyo, etc. But all of them contain FORMALDEHYDE.

Hint: how do you know if the product contains formaldehyde?
Unfortunately, some therapists claim that their treatments are the safest and most natural.
It is easy to check, because it is impossible to hyde formaldehyde- it manifests itself when interacting with heat (straightener, hair dryer, etc.):
if during the treatment there are a lot of fumes with a very strong smell, which create a burning sensation in throat and eyes, provoke coughing and eye watering: you know that formaldehyde is there!

Here are just a few facts about it.
* Formaldehyde is a colorless, strong-smelling gas used in building materials, adhesives, etc.
* Formaldehyde is used on dead bodies. Added to embalming fluid to preserve bodies for both funeral purposes and in medical research in anatomical laboratories (by the way, this is how its ability to straighten hair was discovered!).
* Formaldehyde is a highly toxic systemic poison that is absorbed well by inhalation. The vapor is a severe respiratory tract and skin irritant and may cause dizziness or suffocation. Contact with formaldehyde solution may cause severe burns to the eyes and skin.

NANO treatment does NOT contain formaldehyde, which makes it the SAFEST, yet most effective treatment.

"Let your hair do the talking"
NANO treatment: what to do before, during and after the treatment
1. Wash your hair with shampoo twice;
2. Dry hair completely;
3. Do NOT use any oils, masks or leave-in treatments.

Treatment takes 5-6 hours.

1. Hair can be washed immediately after the treatment (no need to wait for 3 days);
2. Use SLS/SLES free shampoo (no sodium lauryl/laureth sulphates in it). Otherwise, the effect will wash off noticeably quicker.

1. Blondes: 2 weeks before the treatment.
2. Other: 1 week after the treatment (since it may change the colour slightly).

We do NOT cut or style hair, we just heal and straighten it. In case you wish to cut it you can do so in 2 scenarios:
1. BEFORE treatment: to avoid wasting money and product on hair which will be cut soon anyway;
2. AFTER: in case you wish to have a super straight cut (because once hair is completely straight it is more noticeable if hair was cut unevenly).

"Life is not perfect, but your hair can be"
Cost is calculated individually, depends on how much product hair "consumes". It depends on:
• hair condition, damage level;
• if it was well looked after (masks, hair care treatments, etc.);
• how "hungry" and porous your hair is, etc.

This technique can NOT be judged by length, because length (and even thickness) can be the same, but the amount of product consumed by hair could be completely different. Thus, price depends on ml consumed. Some hair "eat" 50ml, others up to 120ml-160ml. To calculate the approximate cost, we need to see photo of your hair.


What is cheaper? Nano or other "Keratin" straightening treatments?

Nano: Nano professional kit has the most expensive ECO composition.
Other: professional kits are 2-3 times cheaper.
Other: pricing for clients is the same or even higher: from £100 (shoulder length) to £160 (long hair). Inoar brand therapists pricing attached (carousel).
Other: Price is set, so you pay the agreed amount even if your hair needs less product than someone else with the same length OR in case your hair needs much more product- it wont get it, because no one wants to apply extra on your hair for the same money.

Not to mention those "bonuses" of "Keratin":
* do not heal hair but make it more brittle and dry;
* have no cumulative effect, so have to be repeated often to keep the desired result;
* is bad for respiratory system, skin and eyes;
* prohibited for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

If we wanted to just make money and did not care about your hair, "Keratin" would be more profitable for us.

But to make you and your hair (as well as us) genuinely happy, we are willing to:
* buy the most expensive composition;
* see you less and less frequently, as your hair improves;
* charge you less with each time, since restored hair usually "consumes" less product.

Hence, this treatment just can not be cheap, price matches the result.
"Rainproof" hair
Hair stays neat and pretty even if it rains, snows or you are travelling to a humid climate.
No one will be able to tell whats the weather outside by just looking at your hair :) No more!
Negative previous experience
Have you done "Keratin" treatments (Brazilian blow dry, Keratin straightening, etc.)?
We feel you..

1st disappointment:
after the treatment hair looks extremely shiny due to product being still in the hair (for 3 days). As soon as it is washed off, hair loses this extraordinary shine and does not look same as on "Before & After" pictures.
2nd disappointment:
washes off hair in ~2 months.
3rd disappointment:
once it washes off, hair becomes even more dry, brittle and lifeless than before.

Yes, Nano is different:

1st: the product is washed off your hair in the salon, so the result you see at the end is exactly what you are going to have when you leave the salon.
2nd: has a strong cumulative effect, thus should be done less and less often over time (until your hair reach the condition when 2 treatments per year are enough to keep them irresistible).
3rd: if you decide to stop having the treatment, it will slowly wash off your hair in approximately 6 months, leaving your hair the same as they used to be, never worse.
Hair extension
We dont work with hair extensions, we prepare your own hair for it.
Nano will make your hair straight and silky, making difference between your own and fake hair invisible.
How much your ideal hair cost?
Hair consumes 50ml-160ml of Nano product (£60 - £192). Lets take an average amount: 100ml (£120).

1) Ideally, for the first 6 months, treatments are done every 2 months (3 treatments in total).
3 * £120 = £360
£360 / 6 = £60 per month = £2 per day
Would you mind paying your hairdresser £2 (or less!) for a perfect blow dry EVERY day? :)

2) After that, treatments can be done just 2 times per year (+ hair will consumes even less product).
£100 / 6 = £16 per month = £0.51 per day

So what about 51 pence (or even 32 pence) per blow dry + endless compliments on your hair throughout the day? ;)
Do you want a fringe, but your hair is too wavy/curly or is not rain/snow/humidity resistant? :)
Nano treatments lets you have a perfect, neat fringe 24/7 and in any weather condition!
Special occasion
Special occasion (prom, birthday, wedding, competition, performance, anniversary)

If an important day is approaching, lets get the treatment done, it will protect against unforeseen circumstances and give you peace of mind.

1. Your hair becomes "weather resistant";
2. If your hairstylist forgets somethign, does not arrive at all or your hair straightener breaks- no worries, your hair is already perfect;
3. If you dont hear an alarm and wake up 2 hours later, you are still ready to go;
4. Added confidence, since your hair is "in shape", no matter what;
5. Relaxed and forget about hair related worries, just prepare the rest.
If your holiday is approaching, lets get the treatment done!

It will PROTECT your hair from:
* sun;
* sea salt;
* chlorine in the pool;
so you come back with still healthy and pretty hair.

It will leave your hair effortlessly BEAUTIFUL:
* while you travel (no messy hair, no buns);
* wake up with ready to go hair, zero time wasted;
* neat hair even after swimming;
* hair is always ready for a selfie;
* humid air is no more an obstacle;
* ready for a night out in seconds (no straightening, no styling, etc.).
Are you competing soon and hair has to look perfect: straight, silky and shiny? As well as flawless no matter whats the weather on the day?

Nano treatment does it all, so you can focus on anything else knowing your hair is in its best condition.
Back view
Did you notice that pretty, healthy, shiny hair give an impression that the person in front of you is young?

And vice versa- dry, messy, lifeless hair give an impression of older, sloppy person.
And what a surprise it sometimes is when the person turns around..

Do you really know what is the back view of your hair? When I was 20, I did not..
Manicure or hair
What would catch your attention first: someones manicure or healthy, shiny, beautiful hair?
What would impress you more?
What would you choose?
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