I am Ilga Buraya

I can take away all of your hair troubles


split and breaking ends, frizzy and dry hair


healthy, silky, thick and shiny
+ get them to the desired length

(straight or curly)
safe even if you are pregnant or breastfeeding
heals and straightens hair

The healthiest hair straightening technique:

* Makes hair look very (!) healthy and lively, silky to touch (even strangers could not keep quiet);
* Ready to go 24/7: no need in masks, flat irons or other hair treatments, just wash and go, looks perfect every day;
* Effect lasts for ~6 months (depends on the current state of your hair);
* Repair: penetrates into the hair and heals, restores, moisturises it from within;
* Prevents breakage and split ends; thus, allows to regrow the desired length;
* Protection: acts as a shield against: hot Sun, chlorine in the pool, sea salt, dyes, hair dryer/straightener, styling products;
* Does NOT contain formaldehyde unlike Brazilian Blow dry and "Keratin" straightening (therefore there is no strong smell and toxic fumes produced, thus no eye watering and coughing);
* Safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women;
* Has a very strong cumulative effect, so hair becomes stronger and healthier with each time;
* If you always wanted a fringe or hair extensions- Nano will keep your hair in the "desired shape" for a long time;
* If you had "Keratin" straightening before, this is a completely different treatment (more effective, safe, long lasting; has no contraindications or side-effects, etc.).
Hair Botox
Hair Botox: heals hair without straightening it.

* Deals with frizzy hair;
* Prevents split ends;
* Penetrates into the hair and restores it from within (fills damaged areas);
* Hydrates and heals dry, thin, damaged hair; makes them thicker and stronger, silky soft and smooth, easy to comb and style;
* Adds volume and shine;
* Eliminates "yellow" tone, adds a cooler shade to the hair;
* Protects hair, acts as a shield against: Sun, chlorine in the pool, sea salt, dyes, hair dryer/straightener, styling products;
* Safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women;
* Effect lasts for 1-2 months. This treatment should be repeated on a regular basis, so that the hair always remains protected and looks healthy.
Force Therapy
+ подготовка к Нанопластике (для сильно поврежденных волос)
Gift cards for any occasion:
* Prom;
* Birthday;
* Anniversary;
* Wedding;
* Performance;
* Competition, etc.

Just choose what to gift:
🎁 whole treatment (Nano or Hair Botox);
🎁 certain amount (£10, £50, etc.);
🎁 a course of treatments, etc.
this is our own transformation and story..
Behind the scenes:
We are mum Ilga and daughter Alina. Daughter: hair-obsessed since early childhood. Mum: agreed to become daughters Hairhealer and.. fell in love with it! :)
I (Alina) always wanted my hair to be very long. As a teenager I tried ALL homemade masks (put all products from fridge on my head to accelerate hair growth). Noticed a lot of new hair but the length stayed the same.
As I grew I started to buy ALL possible masks I could find, even from abroad. Texture improved a bit, but length didn't change.
Problem was in my hair ends which would constantly break. I started to look at various professional treatments to protect hair, prevent breakage..
why just 2 treatments offered & why us?
How to find the best treatment? Easy :)
1. By default everyone wants their Hair to be HEALTHY.
2. Other than that, there are just 2 types of people:
* love straight hair;
* love their curls.
So, there could only be 2 treatments.
Why have more if there could only be 1 leader for each category?
+ Both of them MUST be healthy, with no side-effects.
So, 2 best treatments on the market are:
* Nano: heals AND straightens hair;
* Botox: just heals AND keeps your beloved curls.
Why us? We are genuine Hair Lovers ♡
1. Offering ONLY what is currently the BEST on the market. Never anything less effective, dangerous or with side effects. No matter how popular or profitable it is.
2. Thus, we would NEVER do Brazilian blow dry/Keratin straightening treatments to you or our own hair. We care a LOT about our and your health and hair.
3. We are crazy about Hair. Tried all possible masks, treatments, techniques (read our story). Finally we were rewarded by finding THE TWO treatments that do everything and more! ♡
On our Instagram you will find:
1. Info-posts. The most reliable and up to date information about hair. How to reduce gray hair, what silk pillowcases do, what is hair mineral analysis and much more;
2. Tests. Pass it and get £5off;
3. "Forum". On a regular basis we ask our readers to share their experience and give an honest review about various supplements, tools, maks, etc. Thus, you may find some interesting ideas, new products, vitamins or accessories to try;
4. Hair health challenges. Some of them: for 3 days we add iron/zinc rich foods to our diet, make and try a very powerful homemade hair growth mask for 2 weeks, check effectiveness of hair supplements, etc.;
5. And, of course, plenty of posts where we explain what our treatments do and how you can achieve the desired length and make them as healthy and beautiful as possible.
Download your free gift
Here is a short list of most important things for your hair:
1. What should not be in your shampoo;
2. Recipe of the best mask for hair growth;
3. If these indicators in your blood test are at the good level, hair loss should stop;
4. This food will make your hair truly gorgeous;
5. Another 6 "little things" to do to treat your hair! :)
e offer MOBILE Hair Healing services,
so you will get the treatment in the comfort of your HOME.
Wherever London tube can get us.
Mon- Sun 9:00-22:00
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